Solo travel Paraguay: the ultimate guide

Are you planning to take a solo trip to Paraguay? The landlocked country in South America is known for its rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

In this ultimate guide, we will answer all your questions and suggest some top destinations that are perfect for solo travelers.

So, get ready to explore the hidden gems of Paraguay with confidence and make unforgettable memories on your solo travel adventure!

Last updated on: 02-01-2024

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    Is Paraguay safe for solo travelers?


    Paraguay is generally safe for solo travelers, including solo female travelers. The country is known for its friendly people and low crime rate.

    The country holds the 68th spot on the Global Peace Index. The GPI is a creation of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and stands as the foremost global measure of worldwide tranquility.

    However, like any other destination, it’s important to stay in safer areas, especially in the cities, and be cautious of your surroundings.

    It’s also recommended to take standard safety precautions such as avoiding poorly lit areas at night and not displaying valuable items.

    What is the best time to visit Paraguay for solo travelers?


    The best time to visit Paraguay for solo travelers is during the dry season, which is from June to September. This period offers favorable weather conditions for comfortable sightseeing and outdoor activities.

    The weather is generally cooler, and the risk of rain is lower, making it an ideal time to explore the country’s colonial architecture, vibrant culture, and mesmerizing landscapes.

    It’s important to note that Paraguay has a subtropical and warm climate year-round, but the dry season is considered the most suitable for travel.

    What are the most important holidays and festivals in Paraguay?

    Some of the most important holidays and festivals in Paraguay include:

    1. Carnival: A multi-day celebration with a Shrove Tuesday finale, similar to Mardi Gras festivities, featuring parades, pageants, music, and dancing.
    2. Independence Day (Día de la Independencia): Celebrated on May 14-15, commemorating Paraguay’s independence from Spain with barbecues, soccer games, music, and parades.
    3. Nanduti Festival: A celebration of the traditional Paraguayan lace, featuring exhibitions, demonstrations, and cultural activities.
    4. Oktober Fest: An event that showcases the German influence in Paraguay, with beer, music, and cultural displays.
    5. Dia de San Blas: Celebrated on February 3, honoring Paraguay’s patron saint with week-long open-air events, particularly in the city of Ciudad del Este.

    These festivals offer solo travelers a great opportunity to experience Paraguay’s rich culture and traditions throughout the year.

    How to meet other solo travelers in Paraguay

    To meet other solo travelers in Paraguay, consider the following options:

    1. Join travel groups or forums.

    2. Visit backpacker hostels and cafes.

    3. Use solo travel apps such as Likeplan.

    Find travel buddies and plan activities with other solo travelers

    4. Participate in city tours or cultural activities.

    5. Stay in accommodation popular among solo travelers.

    Is Paraguay expensive for solo travelers?

    Source: Numbeo

    Paraguay can be an affordable destination for solo travelers. The cost of living in Paraguay is relatively low, and solo travelers can save money by staying in low-cost hotels or hostels and splitting expenses with other travelers.

    According to Numbeo, Paraguay holds the 123rd spot on the Cost of Living Index by Country.

    The cost of living for a single person can range from $500 to $800 per month. Additionally, using platforms like Likeplan can help solo travelers connect with others to share costs and travel together, further reducing expenses.

    What does a meal on the street cost in Paraguay?

    In Paraguay, a typical street food meal can cost around $2-3, while a meal at an inexpensive restaurant is around $3-$5.

    For example, a McMeal at McDonald’s or Burger King costs about $4.70, and a bottle or carton of milk (1 liter) in a supermarket is about $0.77.

    Tip: teach yourself a few useful Spanish phrases before traveling to Paraguay

    What are the best places to visit for solo travelers in Paraguay?

    Some of the best places to visit for solo travelers in Paraguay include:

    1. Asuncion: The capital city offers vibrant nightlife, historical sites, and a chance to immerse in the local culture.
    2. Ciudad del Este: This city is known for its bustling markets and diverse cultural experiences, offering solo travelers a unique and enriching experience.
    3. Encarnacion: A small town that provides solo travelers with Jesuit ruins and beautiful landscapes, offering a tranquil and historical experience.
    4. Southern Paraguay: Explore the mesmerizing landscapes and natural wonders of southern Paraguay for an unforgettable solo travel adventure.

    These destinations provide a mix of history, culture, and natural beauty, making them ideal for solo travelers looking to explore Paraguay.

    Tip: watch this video to get more inspiration for your trip to Paraguay

    What are the best ways to get around in Paraguay?

    The best ways to get around in Paraguay are:

    1. Bus: The easiest and most common way to get around Paraguay is by bus. The country has an extensive bus system, although it may not offer luxury. It is designed for locals, so it’s essential to ask questions to ensure you’re on the right bus.
    2. Air Taxis: Air taxis are popular for reaching remote areas such as the Paraguayan Chaco, especially during heavy rains. They can also be used to visit tourist sites like the Saltos de Monday, Yacyretá Dam, and Encarnación.
    3. Car: While road access can be difficult, especially during heavy rains, paved highways link the major cities in Paraguay. It’s important to drive cautiously, especially in major cities where dangerous driving is common.
    4. Boat: Opting to adventure by river is a great way to connect with nature and explore off-the-beaten-path areas in Paraguay.

    These transportation options provide solo travelers with the flexibility to explore both popular and remote destinations in Paraguay.

    What are 5 must-try dishes in Paraguay?

    Here are five must-try dishes in Paraguay:

    1. Sopa Paraguaya: A traditional Paraguayan dish that is similar in texture and consistency to a savory cake, made from cornmeal, Paraguayan cheese, onions, and eggs.
    2. Chipa Guasu: A savory corn cake made from fresh corn, Paraguayan cheese, eggs, and onions, often served as a side dish.
    3. Mbeju: A starch and cheese pancake made from cassava starch and Paraguayan cheese, cooked on a griddle until crispy.
    4. Asado Paraguayo: A Paraguayan-style barbecue featuring a variety of meats, including beef, chicken, and pork, often seasoned with local spices and herbs.
    5. Chipa: A type of cheese bread made from cassava flour and Paraguayan cheese, often enjoyed as a snack or breakfast food.

    These dishes showcase the unique flavors and culinary heritage of Paraguay, offering solo travelers a delicious and authentic dining experience.