Solo travel Mexico City: the ultimate 2024 guide

Are you a solo traveler looking for an adventure in Mexico City? Exploring a new place alone can be daunting, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it can also be an exhilarating experience.

In this ultimate guide to solo travel in Mexico City, we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan your trip. From important safety tips to essential vaccinations, we have you covered. We’ll also share the best times to visit, where to stay, and must-try culinary experiences.

Last updated on: 13-01-2024

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    Is it safe to travel alone in Mexico City?


    Mexico City can be safe for solo travelers, including women, as long as certain precautions are taken. Some neighborhoods, such as Roma, Condesa, Polanco, and Coyoacan, are considered safe and vibrant for solo travelers.

    It’s recommended to use Uber or the Mexico City metro train for getting around, especially at night, and to avoid certain neighborhoods with bad reputations.

    Mexico as a country holds the 136th spot on the Global Peace Index. The GPI is a creation of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and stands as the foremost global measure of worldwide tranquility.

    Additionally, it’s advised to share trip details with loved ones, join the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, and consider travel insurance for added security and peace of mind.

    Overall, while safety is not guaranteed anywhere, solo travelers can have a great time in Mexico City by staying aware of their surroundings and taking necessary precautions.

    Essential safety tips for solo travel in Mexico City

    While traveling solo in Mexico City, it’s important to be cautious and take safety precautions. For solo travelers, walking in groups and avoiding rush hour can help ensure a safe trip.

    It’s also a good idea to exchange money at reputable places like banks to avoid scams. Learning key phrases in basic Spanish can enhance communication with locals. Using Google Maps or hiring a tour guide can help navigate the city safely.

    Additionally, staying hydrated by carrying a water bottle is recommended as tap water is not safe to drink in Mexico City.

    Having travel insurance is crucial when embarking on a solo trip to Mexico City. It provides financial protection and covers medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, and more.

    Make sure to carefully read the policy details to understand what is covered and compare different travel insurance options to find the one that best suits your needs.

    What is the best time to visit Mexico City?

    The optimal travel times to visit Mexico City are during the dry season, which lasts from November to April. Weekdays tend to be less crowded than weekends, especially during peak hours.


    It is advisable to avoid visiting during the rainy season, which occurs from May to October, as heavy rainfall can disrupt outdoor activities.

    Mexico City enjoys mild temperatures year-round, with cooler nights during the winter. The summer months can be rainy. Layering your clothing is recommended to adapt to the changing weather conditions.

    What are the most important holidays and festivals in Mexico City?

    Some of the most important holidays and festivals in Mexico City include:

    • Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe: A religious and national holiday honoring the Catholic saint each December 12th, featuring parades, fireworks, and parties in addition to special mass.

    • Independence Day: Celebrated on September 15th, much like it would be in the United States, with patriotic colors, musical performances, parties, and fireworks.

    • Festival de México en el Centro Histórico: A cultural celebration showcasing Mexico City’s rich history with performing arts and fascinating exhibitions beginning in March each year.
    • Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos): A widely celebrated festival in Mexico, including Mexico City, to honor and remember deceased loved ones.

    • Cinco de Mayo: Commemorates the Mexican victory over French invaders in 1862 and is celebrated with parades, music, and dancing.

    How to meet other solo travelers in Mexico City

    Joining solo travel groups or digital nomad communities on social media is a great way to find travel buddies in Mexico City. You can also attend group tours, walking tours, or city meetups to meet new people and make connections.

    Additionally, download a travel buddy app or participate in language exchange events, cultural activities, or group workshops can help you meet fellow solo travelers.

    Find travel buddies and plan activities with other solo travelers

    Exploring places known for attracting solo travelers such as street food markets, art galleries, or co-working spaces can also provide opportunities to connect.

    Is Mexico City expensive for solo travelers?

    Mexico City offers a range of budgets, from affordable street food to upscale dining options, making it suitable for solo travelers with different budgets.

    According to Numbeo, Mexico holds the 75th spot on the Cost of Living Index by Country.

    The average daily costs for a solo traveler in Mexico City are as follows:

    • Accommodation: suggests planning to spend around $207 (M$3,560) per day on your vacation in Mexico City, which includes accommodation, food, local transportation, and sightseeing.

    • Food: Nomadic Matt recommends a budget of 1,050 MXN per day for a backpacking trip, covering street food, self-cooked meals, and some attractions.

    • Transportation: Public transportation is the most affordable way to get around Mexico City, with a rechargeable smart card for the metro and metro buses costing 16 MXN, and a public city bus ticket costing 6 MXN.

    Practical tips for saving money during your trip

    Setting a travel budget and closely tracking your expenses will help ensure you stay within your spending limits while solo traveling in Mexico City.

    Take advantage of happy hours, lunch specials, or street food options to save money on dining out. Utilize public transportation like buses or the metro instead of taxis to cut transportation costs.

    Look for free or low-cost activities such as walking tours, museum discounts, or public parks to enjoy the city without breaking the bank. Consider purchasing a local SIM card to avoid international roaming charges and stay connected.

    What are the best hostels in Mexico City?

    Choosing the right accommodation is essential for solo travelers in Mexico City. Consider neighborhoods like Roma Norte, Condesa, or Centro Histórico that align with your preferences and safety concerns.

    Based on the search results, here are some of the best hostels in Mexico City for solo travelers:

    1. Suites DF Hostel: Considered the best hostel for solo travelers, it is centrally located near Av. Reforma and the Monumento a la Revolucion, making it a super social hostel.
    2. Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral: This hostel is located in a convenient area and has a good rating.
    3. Viajero Hostel CDMX: These hostels are highly recommended for various types of travelers, including solo travelers, digital nomads, and those on a budget.

    These hostels are located in trendy neighborhoods such as La Condesa and Roma, offering a social atmosphere and convenient amenities for solo travelers to meet people and explore the city.

    Best activities in Mexico City for solo travelers

    Here are some of the best activities for solo travelers in Mexico City:

    1. Explore Neighborhoods: Visit vibrant and safe neighborhoods such as Roma, Condesa, Polanco, Juarez, Coyoacán, San Angel, and Xochimilco, which offer a mix of culture, history, and entertainment.

    2. Join Group Tours: Participate in group tours to explore the city, meet other travelers, and make long-lasting connections.

    3. Try Local Experiences: Engage in local experiences such as street food tours, museum visits, and exploring the city’s parks and markets.

    4. Enjoy Nightlife: Mexico City’s nightlife has a lot to offer, from the most chilled person to party lovers. Popular neighborhoods for solo travelers include La Roma, La Condesa, Juárez, and Polanco.

    5. Private Experiences: Consider private experiences with local hosts to explore well-known sights and discover hidden gems, unveiling stories typically missed by traditional tours.

    Mastering the metro system is a convenient and affordable way to travel around Mexico City. Hop on the extensive bus network to discover different areas of the city, including the centro historico with its rich history and cultural landmarks.

    Taxis and rideshares are quick options, but prioritize safety and choose licensed alternatives. Embrace the local way of travel by taking a ride on the iconic colorful buses, known as camiones.

    5 Must-try dishes in Mexico City

    Here are five must-try dishes in Mexico City:

    1. Tacos al Pastor: Thinly sliced pork marinated in a blend of spices and cooked on a vertical spit, topped with pineapple and served on a small corn tortilla.

    2. Pozole: A traditional soup or stew made with hominy, meat (usually pork), and various seasonings and garnishes.

    3. Tamales: Made from corn-based dough and can be cooked with herbs or stuffed with chicken, chilies, and cheese.

    4. Churros: A deep-fried dough pastry often served with a chocolate dipping sauce, popular as a sweet treat in Mexico City.

    5. Elote: Grilled corn on the cob typically served with mayonnaise, chili powder, and cotija cheese, offering a creamy and spicy twist.

    Tip: watch this video for more food inspiration for Mexico City

    Sit-down restaurants worth the splurge

    Treat yourself to a memorable dining experience at Mexico City’s top restaurants. Enjoy exquisite Mexican cuisine at Pujol, Quintonil, or Biko, where the flavors are a testament to the country’s rich culinary heritage.

    For a taste of fine dining with international influences, Rosetta or Sud 777 deliver exceptional dishes that blend local and global flavors seamlessly.

    Photo: Sud 777 (source:

    If you’re in the mood for innovative culinary creations, Maximo Bistrot, Contramar, or Dulce Patria are your go-to spots. With Contramar, Nicos, or Azul Historico, you can immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant food scene and discover new flavors around every corner.